» » GilvaSunner - GilvaSunner's Highest Quality Video Game Rips: Volume 1
GilvaSunner - GilvaSunner's Highest Quality Video Game Rips: Volume 1 Album

GilvaSunner - GilvaSunner's Highest Quality Video Game Rips: Volume 1 Album

  • Performer: GilvaSunner
  • Genre: Electronic / Rock / Sounds
  • Title: GilvaSunner's Highest Quality Video Game Rips: Volume 1
  • Released: 30 Mar 2016
  • Style: Parody, Comedy, Chiptune, Experimental
  • Label: Not On Label (GilvaSunner Self-released)
  • Country: Netherlands
  • MP3 version size: 1337 mb
  • FLAC version size: 1157 mb
  • Rating: 4.6
  • Votes: 267


1Jass This Isn't Funny Anymore1:28
2Detective AgentCooking Nigra0:41
3Barney Rubble Last Grand Goodbye2:19
4Minus Θ ZeroOverture To The Grand Overworld1:50
5NBGMusicThe Grand Dad Who Sold The World5:38
6SwordyDad's Practice!0:48
7Eziam OneDeadAnimals3:42
8IAmMelloYellowFlip Stylo Galaxy4:23
9Triple-QSong Of The Minions (Despicabola)3:04
10Triple-QWisp Halation2:53
11Le Ruse BirdReal Grand Dad Hours2:03
12Uncle FillAyla's Fanfare0:44
13Minus Θ ZeroI've Lost Control Of Myself (Thanks To All The Slicers)1:47
14MatrixMarioXSmooooch d∀d1:56
15MtH The Flintstones: School Idol Festival0:52
16Nape MangoSuper Mos Eisley World1:21
17The Meme MachineInterior Gourmet Aliracer1:26
18Jass Silver Learn2:27
19XarlableFuckbees Galaxy2:36
20Landy "At Doom's Gate" But It Never Ends3:42
21Jass Completely Isolated1:19
22NBGMusicThis Time I Got 12 Rocks2:14
23Princess SylvyspritA Dad's Grand Funeral ~ Necro Flintstonesy7:09
24Minus Θ ZeroNot The Azu Nyan You Were Hoping2:19
25IAmMelloYellowAnd His Theme Is Snow Halation1:52
26Princess SylvyspritBeloved Unfounded Bonetrousle1:31
27PinkieOatsKirby's Booty Massacre Medley (Kirby Ass Attack)6:09
28NBGMusicYell "Dad Cell"0:30
29Xarlable2 Pilots 1 Arwing1:02
30XarlableKatamari On The Memes5:55
31Detective AgentSource Missile0:55
32LuNineyStunt Rally Desertertertertertertertertertert0:48
33ICECOLDSDog Chase Zone1:27
34TailsChannelOutset Ripper1:27
35Barney Rubble Hotel Dad Goes Forth!1:31
36McBedtimeThe Grand City Of Fourside1:54
37Le Ruse BirdGrandle Dadble1:36
38BotanicSageOld School Knuckles0:53
39NBGMusicBig Shell Inc.1:36
40Uncle FillHotline Dusk - Monobling1:16
41Eziam OneTerry Wad Hut2:50
42TUWieZNigra's Love Song1:17
43XarlableDogbass (Extended Mix)0:55
44STKorporationSurrounding Courts2:37
45AvolienceJolly Soulja Bay3:01
469x9 DvonTop Of The Night To Ya!3:51
47Nape MangoIn Which Nape Fucks Around With Midis To Experiment1:25
48ur-a-loserCrashing Mad17:40
49Minus Θ ZeroNo Halation, No PoporoN1:32
51Sir SpacebarBlocked In America2:38
52IAmMelloYellowMango Kart Daler Dash1:51
53LemmyKoopa009 Dreamland2:18
54Le Ruse BirdSpace Ruser1:18
55Nib RocBang There, Bang On3:24
56AvolienceGrandtilda's Lair2:04
57ToonlinkDr. Soulja1:25
58ZVAARIBootleg Time1:44
59Jass Ware Wa Maverick Nari Ahahaha1:05
60Sir Spacebar ft. Chaze the ChatThe 7k Dad Lost3:15
61LuNineyMokey's Speedway Africa1:09
62ICECOLDSBonetrouslegraph Ave. [Redux]3:09
63Nape MangoSir Duke's Battlefield2:54
649x9 DvonWest City Fucks2:18
65turdl3Respect Your Elders (20X-Mix)2:31
66TUWieZDonkey Kong Sr.1:56
67MtH Star Burner2:45
68Chaze the ChatDeath By Lucky Strike4:25
69turdl3Dankim Battle4:20
70ZVAARILying Grandly (Variation)3:17
71ICECOLDSDouble Fireflies2:01
72MF PICKLE-OBrawlin' The Bassline1:21
73MF PICKLE-ONigra Country Opening Climax0:07
74McBedtimeKing MJ's Theme1:38
75Chaze the ChatI'm Never Gonna Flood A Landmass Again2:18
76Psycosis Athletic Doctor1:46
77IכynatoBoss N9ne4:34
78Nib RocAshley's Fresher Than You3:47
79MtH Grand Dads With Glamourous Guitars3:57
80Chaze the Chat and MtH Fly In The Summer5:09
81Eziam OneClocksTown: Day One6:41
82kony1015This Moon Can't Crash Fast Enough1:27
83MtH Time Machine To The Stone Age3:07
84BotanicSageCheap Cheap Chicken Guest Stars On Cooking With A Killer Robot1:01
85Triple-QNuclear Winter4:19
86TailsChannelBitch You Ketchum2:13
88kony1015When The Great Fairy Gives You Energy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)1:14
89IcebrigadeAn All-Around Unpleasant Experience0:56
90Eziam OneSharivan Roost Island3:04
91CaptainComedyLove Me Some Hume Females1:05
93kony1015Crash Grandicoot1:22
94Barney Rubble Vibri Shows Her True Colors1:17
95Mr LangeHappy Song Sing Along1:38
96Triple-QMetal Gear Renaising4:12
97XarlableFinal Soundclown Destination2:55
98AvolienceK.K. Wonderwall3:49
99Triple-QWitch Hill Zone: Contract 1 (Genesis Version)1:29
100Mr LangeThis Act Contains Boss1:03
101turdl3Professor G. Dadd (Rappin' For Boolossus)2:18
102MF PICKLE-OMother Father Sherbet Land2:48
103MtH The GiIvaSunner Staff Roll6:00
104IAmMelloYellow679 Kill Chop Deluxe3:12
105Chaze the ChatSuper Mario Shrekshine: All Secret Course1:29
106IAmMelloYellow and CryptrikLuma's Space Oddity (Cryptrik's Re-Meme)5:34
107Princess SylvyspritU.N. Owen Was Grand Dad?2:05
108Sir SpacebarHaunted Dad Act 11:34
109Mr LangeMean Beastie Machine2:40
110Uncle FillThe King Of Castelia Saxamaphones2:29
1119x9 DvonJust The Planet Eudora3:09
112IAmMelloYellowShake It Flat (GiIvaSunner Mix)4:22
113Nib RocRashidcolour5:09
114Eziam OneKawaii Memes World1:25
115CryptrikVibri Goes To Jail2:27
116CaptainComedyAce Attorney Vs Everyone - Aaron's Legal Party1:45
118CryptrikZiggy Stardust World4:52
119Sir SpacebarDon't Worry : [B/W] Ver.3:57
120MF PICKLE-OSuperop0:42
121Eziam OneIdontknowwhatavolumebuttondoes1:25
122PinkieOatsProfessor Blumenkranz [Redux]3:49
123Landy Wii Cuica Channel0:29
124XarlableHey Luigi, Play The Sax0:41
126turdl3Morphogenetic Swag5:53
127ZVAARIStone Machine1:45
129CaptainComedyEveryone's Minute To Win It! (Everyone vs. Wreck It Ralph)1:07
130Sir SpacebarBefore My Body Is Dry : [B/W] Ver.4:06
131turdl3Zanza LaBeouf4:09
132XarlableChemical Dynablade Galleon Zone1:30
133IכynatoBreeze Me To Life1:39
134Jass Destruction Funk1:44
135Sir SpacebarSonic Boom [FM Arrange]1:28
136Detective AgentfLYNNEstone - A Targeted Grand Dad1:14
137Nick OleksiakG r a n d D a d 「フリントの石」1:47
138Triple-QDuke Halation2:14
139Landy and Nape MangoMarch Ahead (Soundclown Edition)2:03
140CryptrikTomodachi Life - Staff Roll (Cryptrik Remix)2:50
141McBedtimeName These Grand Children1:17
142PinkieOatsLive And Ooooooooooooooh4:30
143MtH Rickrollin' (Ongaku Concept Outro) 16-bit Remix1:44
144McBedtimeThe Grand Horse Race1:26
146Mr LangeFoliage Flintstones2:22
147IcebrigadeHoneysquare Highway3:39
148Minus Θ ZeroPac-Man's Going To Make Your Bedrock (Thanks, Hanna-Barbera)2:43
149Mr_WoBTurn Down For Dating4:04
150Sir SpacebarThe Channel Ytp4life Lost6:11
151PeridarrenAnimal Boy1:26
152TailsChannelSista' Rippa'1:36
153MF PICKLE-ODelfino Nigra3:02
154Suneel GurpurThe Eyyygent Come Op At Psyght1:29
155Chaze the ChatHigh Quality Rip0:03
156NicoCWGreen Hill Zone Classic - Sonic Generations Remix2:57
158Chaze the ChatGrand Dadlovania0:48
159TUWieZ and Chaze the ChatBloopa's Road4:39
160TailsChannelToasty Rips1:21
161Eziam OneSyobonMen Theme5:00
162McBedtimeKirby Keeps His Mind Right0:53
163The Meme MachineDowntown Bass3:20
164Minus Θ ZeroJun Senoue Exposed1:17
165turdl3Flintstory (Main Theme)1:37
166ZVAARIMrs. Thwomp Battle2:16
167Le Ruse BirdGRANDDAD333333331:11
168Chaze the ChatPokémon Grand 2 And Dad 2: Electric Gym0:42
169LemmyKoopaDumMyX Gonna Give It To Ya2:21
170LemmyKoopaAvicii Dog2:33
171ICECOLDSMashup Heaven - Soundclown 103:43
172CaptainComedyEveryone's Emerald Hill (Everyone Vs Sonic + B​​Witched1:32
173AvolienceDrawn Dad1:21
174Nib RocGerudo Folks3:33
175XarlableMilitary On The Max-Phantom2:29
176STKorporationDread Of The Hoop6:02
177Shengda BabaGrand Dad Metropolis3:36
178Suneel GurpurPunch-Out Crusaders2:57
179NBGMusicGrand Theft Dad 73:30
180AvolienceInterior Subspace Alligator2:04
181Detective AgentFriendius - Nightmare King0:55
182Chaze the ChatSome Pokémon Song I Can Put The Flintstones Theme In So We Can Act Like It Was Leaked From A Sun And Moon Trailer After They Got Leaked0:41
184Mr LangeChuck E. Cheese For My EarthBound1:39
185BlazephlozardSong That Might Play When You Fight Sens1:57
186ICECOLDSThinkin Bout Claus3:57
187Nape MangoGrand Dad IN SPACE3:31
188TailsChannelAlright, We're Here, Just Ripping In The Car1:30
189Princess SylvyspritA Grand Dad Is A Grand Dad, You Can't Say It's Only A Half1:16
190The Meme MachineWalk The Bread Monster1:33
191kony1015That Song That Plays When You Give The Statue An Umbrella1:12
192Nib RocCircuit Of Love3:58
193ZVAARIGrand Dad's Secret Slide2:39
194Mr LangeYoshi Sorry1:37
195NicoCWYoshi Touch & Ed0:36
196LuNineyBowser Wins A Lonely Heart1:02
198ZVAARIMetallic Dad0:57
199TUWieZCryptrik Castle2:45
200Chaze the ChatSnow Route Halation1:47
201Sir SpacebarPokémon Conquest And Birthwhite1:50
202MF PICKLE-OLeaked Title Theme To Paper Mario: Color Splash3:08
203Nape MangoMiror B. Goes To The Flea Market1:53
204MF PICKLE-OCha La He Cha La2:37
205Jass We Love Burning Town - Feat. A Burning Town1:47
206Mr LangeIt's Called A Road1:26
207Tom Platt Chun Li Visits Africa3:03
208STKorporationFishy Half-Time3:17
210TUWieZGrand Park3:08
211MtH and Triple-QCagayake Resort! (DS)4:09
212The Meme MachineSwiggity Jelly2:57
213McBedtimeRedial On Me1:57
214TailsChannelTeam Rocket's Persona1:49
215Uncle FillFly Me To The Streets1:22
216turdl3That Dad's Name Is2:53
217LuNineySave The Land0:26
218McBedtimeLink's About To Meet The Deku Tree0:57
219Nape MangoThe Fake Trio3:23
220Suneel GurpurGangnam Gangnam Yukai3:32
221kony1015Chip The High Quality Ripper1:40
222NBGMusicHotdad Grandami4:19
223MtH Bad Opple!!1:23
224TUWieZGoldenrod's SlateCucc District2:22
225IכynatoA Troublesome Bomb Over Baghdad3:31
226Suneel GurpurEdgy Edgy Shadowness3:50
227Chaze the ChatGerudo Countdown1:45
228CryptrikBig Octagon Boys5:16
229Uncle FillBoo Lucky Fever5:30
230MF PICKLE-OStraight Outta Tokyo-to1:26
231coolguyomegaNascour Battle2:00
233CaptainComedyBonfire On The Skydeck A Go Go!0:50
234LuNineyJimmy Grandtron1:57
235The Meme MachineSlammrobics3:33
236CaptainComedyPaper Mario 2 - Everyone's Main Menu2:16
237MtH Nocturne1:50
238Barney Rubble A Wild Fred Flintstone Appeared!0:54
239MtH Emerald Hill (Not The One From Sonic 2)1:54
240Triple-QBane Eater2:54
241Robyn Beware Of The Forest Mush-Room2:50
242IAmMelloYellow12 Transparent Bricks3:40
243Minus Θ Zero[email protected]'s World Metro-Cross - Start2:11
244Sir SpacebarBlack Tar : [B/W] Ver.3:02
245Jass ☆Esperantoゲッダン☆[Rockman Zero]1:05


CategoryArtistTitle (Format)LabelCategoryCountryYear
noneGilvaSunner GilvaSunner's Highest Quality Video Game Rips: Volume 1 ‎(245xFile, MP3, Album, 320)Not On Label (GilvaSunner Self-released)noneNetherlands2016


Darkly Hale Only the highest quality rips for the grandest dads. Favorite track: Shake It Flat GiIvaSunner Mix. I only upload high quality video game rips. DJ Professor K Presents: 24, 7 FUNKY FRESH BEATS FROM TOKYO - TO. Jul 2020. Paper Jams - A High - Quality Album The First Fold. Jun 2020. Super gangsta bros. GilvaSunner's Highest Quality Video Game Rips: Volume 1 is the debut album released by GiIvaSunner on March 30, 2016. The album was announced through the announcement video A N N O U N C E M E N T. The most used meme in this album is 7 GRAND DAD with 74 rips followed by Snow halation 20 rips, Vinesauce Joel, Loud Nigra and Gangnam Style 13 rips each. The most prominent contributor to this album is Chaze the Chat with 13 rips followed by MtH 11 rips, Sir Spacebar and Xarlable 9 rips each. Формируйте собственную коллекция коллекцию записей GilvaSunner. Toasty Rips. Minus Θ Zero. Composed by. People have been requesting downloads of my high quality video game rips, so I decided to give in. If I run out of free downloads, the album will revert to a 7 dollar fee. Please do not purchase the album unless you wish to donate the money to charity or to work it into more free downloads and instead download it from one of the other links below. Listen free to GilvaSunner GilvaSunner's Highest Quality Video Game Rips: Volume 1 The channel ytp4life lost, Katamari on the Memes and more. 200 tracks 499:40. Discover more music, concerts, of SiIvaGunner high quality rips compiled in the album GilvaSunner's Highest Quality Video Game Rips: Volume FOUR HOURS Missing tracks: Grand Matro. 69 видео. Обновлен 31 окт. 2017 г. Playlist of SiIvaGunner high quality rips compiled in the album GilvaSunner's Highest Quality Video Game Rips: Volume FOUR HOURS Missing tracks: Grand Matropolis 11, CHIP MY WHALES 17, go my jane 22, ARG1 25, go my fox 69, The infamous puzzle room rip 74. Playlist of SiIvaGunner high quality rips compiled in the album GilvaSunner's Highest Quality Video Game Rips: Volume FOUR HOURS . Album by GilvaSunner. Grand Dadlovania. Megalovania Undertale by Toby Radiation Fox 2015. Meet the Flintstones by Hoyt Curtin 1960. GilvaSunner - MtH - Emerald Hill not the one from Sonic 2. GilvaSunner - Uncle Fill - Fly Me To The Streets. GilvaSunner - NBGMusic - Yell Dad Cell. GilvaSunner - Chaze the Chat - Some Pokémon song I can put the Flintstones theme in so we can act like it was leaked from a Sun and Moon trailer after they got leaked. GilvaSunner - LuNiney - Jimmy Grandtron. Disc IDs. Cover Art 1. High Quality Rip. Chaze the Chat. Dankim Battle. turdl3. Album Remix. Packaging: None. Status: Official. Language: English. Script: Latin. I only upload high-quality video game album rips. GilvaSunner - GilvaSunner's Highest Quality Video Game - download. GilvaSunner - GilvaSunner's Highest Quality Video Game - RENT IT LIKE ITS download. download 257 files